About Us

Acers Badminton Club was founded in 2016 to encourage people from all age groups to play Badminton and stay fit

We are a small group of friends, formed this club to take our social gaming skills to the next level and to give others a platform to be part of such recognition and opportunity. If you are interested please let us know and we can take you on a tour to the world of badminton according to your aspirations. We also train kids aged between 5-15, on a separate day other than club days. So pop in any club day to know more about other activities we do. You can even be part of Swindon Badminton League games

  Thinking about playing badminton? Want some practice whilst playing with friendly people to improve.

What does Acers mean ?

The definition of the word acer has developed from a very small concept to a very complex and debatable philosophy. Originally intended to be a replacement of the term “Attention-seeking” it slowly evolved to become different from generic “attention seeking” in that the action is intended to produce a result other than that which is normally associated with the action itself, in most cases appreciation, and in many cases, jealousy.